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We all want to escape the monotonous hot summery days. An ideal place during this time would be crowded yet beautiful mountains or serene and peaceful beaches. The port city, Vizag aka Visakhapatnam gives us India’s finest coastal getaways. Apart from being an ancient port city and having a tremendous historical significance, the Visakhapatnam beaches are something that will steal your heart away. Here we have a list of places to visit in Visakhapatnam on your next trip. 


  • Be at The Jewel Of The East Coast; Rishikonda Beach

Rishikonda Beach overlooks the hills making it an amazing landscape to watch. Be at this Jewel of the East Coast to witness mesmerizing views, watch the crystal clear water touching the seashore, and a wide range of greenery all around. 

  • Spend a pleasant evening at The Yarada Beach

Ranked as the most beautiful beach in Vizag, Yarada Beach is named after the area it’s located in. The attractive point of this beach is the flowing Bay of Bengal on one side and scenic hills covering the other three sides. Relax and capture the beautiful sunrise and sunset or simply laze around the beach.

  • Watch the scenic beauty of Gangavaram Beach

Relatively less crowded, Gangavaram Beach is among another dazzling Visakhapatnam Beaches. This popular picnic spot is a visual in many films and ads. Going in the water is strictly prohibited as it's unsafe. You can roam around the beach to feel the soft sand and waves hitting your feet. 

  • Enjoy the sunset from Kailasagiri, Vizag

Kailasagiri is another best site among the places to visit in Visakhapatnam. This perched top spot offers stunning views of the sky, the city, the forest and the serene beaches. You can relax while enjoying the views or get into the adventure sports available.  

  • Bask in the history by visiting Bora Bora caves

Discovered back in 1807, Bora Bora is the largest cave in not only Vizag but the whole country. The site inside the cave will make you speechless. The artwork of nature, sunlight falling amidst the rocks, and the captivating landscapes outside the cave, everything will just amaze you with its beauty. 

Bheemili Beach, Rama Krishna Beach, Lawson's Bay Beach and Sagar Nagar Beach are some of the other Visakhapatnam beaches that you can visit to have more beach time. If you want to visit more places apart from serene beaches then go for a trek to Katiki falls near Bora Bora caves, bring your spiritual side to offer prayers at The Simhachalam Temple, dip yourself in a knowledgeable ride by exploring the Submarine museum. This was all for the major places to visit in Visakhapatnam. 

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Pack your bags for a Beachy Summer vacation!




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