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The ultimate blend of culture and modern heritage, Visakhapatnam aka Vizag is the gem of South India. This coastal paradise hypnotises travellers towards its history, adventure and culture. Known for its best serene spots, Vizag has the country’s one of the oldest ports. The tourism of Vizag is famous for its calm, composed beaches and picturesque landscapes, making it a perfect holiday destination within the country.

Whether you are adventure lover, history seeker or even experience enthusiastic, tourism of Vizag has everything stored for you. We have listed below the 3 go-to resources about tourism of Vizag, so that you don’t forget to explore these places on your next vacation.

1. Yarada Beach
This coastal heaven is famous for its serene beaches and oldest ports. Your trip to Vizag will be incomplete if you don’t visit the picturesque beaches. Among all the coastlines, Yarada Beach is one of the best. Tucked between three-sided splendid hills and the roaring Bay of Bengal on the fourth side, this beach is very well known for its scenic sunrise and sundowns. Spend your day by the sea on this beach with some magnificent views amidst the peace and calmness. 


2. Bora-Bora Caves
For the historophile side of yours, Bora-Bora caves are just the best place to be in Visakhapatnam. Located 92 kms from the city, amidst the Ananthagiri Hills in Araku Valley, they were discovered in 1807. Now a popular tourist spot, it is considered as one of the largest caves in the country. The spectacular view turns out to be the best when the natural lights pave its way to the magnificent rock formations. The trek to the caves, a Shivalingam and an idol of Kamadhenu inside it, makes the caves even more worth visiting. There are no such hotels to find a lodge near the caves. But you will find many luxury resorts in Vizag.


3. Katiki waterfalls
Just 4 kms away from Bora-Bora caves lies Katiki Waterfalls. This 50 ft waterfall is surrounded by flourishing greenery in Araku Valley. The main source of serene Katiki Waterfall is the Gosthani river that makes its way through the bora bora caves. Named after the mythological figure Katiki, this falls turns dry during the peak summers. Have some marinated chicken in bamboo trunks and much more delicious items from the small huts situated near the falls. August to December are said to be the best months to visit the falls as the climate is pleasant.


Tourism in Vizag is full of scenic places. You can visit the Submarine Museum to experience some exciting encounters or stop by Rishikonda beach for swimming, wind surfing or skiing. Apart from this the list also includes, Araku Valley, enchanting views of Dolphin nose, Sea War memorial, Ross Hill church. 


Thinking of reconnecting with nature without leaving the luxury? Then do check out Sunray Village Resort. We are among the best luxury resorts in Vizag. Located in the Savaravalli Village, our resort is surrounded with more than 28,000 trees making it completely eco-friendly and pollution free. 


Relax, Rejoice & Reconnect with nature in Vizag!


3 Go-to Resources About Tourism Of Vizag


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